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I am pleased to offer this site to people who enjoy (or are curious about) U.S. politics and historical events of the last half of the twentieth century. These found objects (audio and visual clips) were collected from the early seventies into the late nineties. They were then combined, sequenced and edited into musical / electronic sound-scapes similar to what was once called "music concrete."

There are presently two separate works offered, with more to come.

The first is an audio/visual piece:


These clips represent the people, places, and events that caught my attention during those years; examples of trends and forces shaping the history of our country and world events that continue today. (see credits)

This piece is audio:


These five selections are based on well known utterances made by various politicians. Each example is set to music constructed to recall a particular pop music style. I've added a marching band (Dubya) and TV/radio news and ads. All of it is done with some degree of humor (and a pinch of sadness).