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A few thoughts regarding this piece:

First the architecture ...

The 3 regions are themselves divided into 3 parts ... Many of the compositional decisions were based on multiples of the number 3. I felt drawn to this number possibly due to various readings i had done.

Buckminster fuller believed in the strength of the triangle vs. The square (his geodesic domes are multiples of this three cornered unit). I was born into multiples of 3, i.e., 1936. This continues even now ... I've been blessed w/three children, three marriages, three careers. I try to live a life based on the principles of the 12-step recovery communities, etc.

The contents of the entire piece are comprised of sound material i have created, (namely the background and transitional sound constructs along with manipulations of acoustic material), and the acoustic items that i have collected and stored from records, tapes, radio, tv, live interviews, international radio, and shortwave. The time frame for this whole process stretches from 1969 to 1999 (the #3 again) with a break from about 1980 to 1985 when i put it aside. The electronic sounds were produced from tone generator and tape recorder plus razor blading tape, producing hundreds of strips and loops, later an arp 2600, Sony 4-track, Teac 1/2 track, echoplexes, etc., and most recently, computer sounds, samplers, and digital work stations. What i have tried to share through this piece is a kind of tonal scrapbook of the people, statements, events, and emotions that have played a part in shaping and moving my life in various directions.

Regions I.1 And III.9 share a commonality of personal statements through the mouths of others (many of whom play or played a big part in my life), the difference being the fact that region I.1 was my views in the early 1970's and III.9 is a life-synopsis with coda and late 1990's views.

I.2 and I.3 represent my take on some of what I thought was the best and the worst of our country.

II.4/5 Are my salutes to where it all started in the world of music/percussion/cultural struggle (Africa) and where the spice got added musically and culturally (Spain), followed by the "sophistication" of the European music/languages.

In regions II.6 And III.7 I visit the spiritual/mystical parts of this world that have known so much terrible strife and to me represent such paradox and irony of metaphysical angst.

III.8 Latin music to me is the clave of life and the history of latin/anglo americas again is rife w/beauty and beast. In III.9 I list, via roll-call (I was a school teacher for 5 yrs), the names of some major life-influences.

addenda: 2003 ...

The visuals were added to the original sound piece over the course of the last 3 1/2 years using final cut pro. I made little attempt to sync sound and picture where I was fortunate enough to find a visual version of the event used as audio in the original CD version of the piece. I liked the "echo-ness" quality of these long ago occurrences ...

Finally, I suppose this piece has more interest to the viewer who has a history of love and fascination with politics, soundscapes and the dichotomy in the cultures and governments of the world ...