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0:00 slow motion sn. drm :15 voices :27 PA Amish simple gifts 1:10 I was born 2:50 Hitler speech 3:10 1936 Olympics reports 3:28 Jewish girlfriends 4:15 Chamberland reporting to London on "Peace Agreement" w/Hitler 4:58 1940's dance bands montage 5:04 FDR (Dec 7 1941) re. bombing of Pearl Harbor followed by war accounts re. course of WWII in Germany and Japan ending w/Truman announcement re. Japanese surrender and news commentator w/ sum-up of the losses suffered in the world as the result of WWII 8:50 simple gifts (NY Phil.) 9:05 polka montage 9:18 Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig/Jackie Robinson on being a man followed by Al Jolson (California here I come) 11:00 Cal. news/L.A. & TV nostalgia 12:14 bebop influence 12:55 army interview in Ger. 13:10 my grandfather (Sam Davis) singing 13:16 Marilou Coleman singing 15:45 1950's pop music nostalgia & roll call of major influences in my life w/excerpts of their work responding 18:08 G.B.Shaw on pacifism and hate 18:12 beginning of samples of some of the groups I worked with featuring timps (Beach Boys) and vibes on the others (Simon and Garfunkel, Hall and Oates, Smokey Robinson, Scott Mackensie (orchestra bells), Eddie Kendricks, Steely Dan, along with snippets of disparate elements from the 60's (Agnew, Rubin, Richard Daley, Nixon) 21:00 Waldorf salad about the world McLuhan on cool plus Marilou on originality 21:50 Cage on philosophy 22:25 beginning of chaos 23:00 Harry Partch music and heart beat 23:45 spontaneous combustion (my 1967 band) 24:20 groans 24:10 failure/regret/recollections... 25:15 soul death 25:33 Waldorf salad w/ glimmer of rebirth 26:20 AA identifications 27:04 simple gifts (a new life)

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